I wanted to give a quick shout out to Phil Mowatt, Edward Pundyk, and David Moseley. These gentlemen have been been providing some great play test reports and have kept me busy with the what-if’s. Their reports are well though out and detailed. I am humbled by their dedication and determination to make Fields the best game it can be. I can’t thank them enough.

Today I have spent a good part of the day pushing blocks around as we work to close potential loopholes with the “What-if” the Central Powers avoid Belgium altogether. Fields of Despair does not mandate a push through Belgium. Players are free to explore alternate strategies.

Here is the situation from a Vassal game with block values hidden to protect the innocent.

Photo Nov 07, 11 59 39 AM

Edward is the resident rules lawyer and has a talent for making the rules as written work to his advantage. His tactics make the design challenge ever more enjoyable. He is a player not unlike myself. In the example above he is dancing the line between a successful push into France, yet not quite successful enough to force British entry. I love it.

After this brief blog post, I will finish my reply to their report where we will no doubt discuss French counter tactics and tighter rules to avoid “gamey” tactics whenever possible.

Stay tuned.