This summer I’ve worked on Fields almost every day for at least a couple hours. The rules have been posted online, edited and re-posted. So far so good on that front. I’ve spent the past week or more working to get the Scenario Book near finalized. Yesterday the strategy tips for all 3 scenarios were finished. This morning I finalized the Grand Campaign set up and scoring criteria.

Fields was originally designed as a 10-turn Grand Campaign. That’s the only way we played. Once the need to make smaller, more digestible scenarios arose, I broke the game into 3 parts: The Mobile War of 1914, the Stalemate of 1915-16, and the re-opening of the floodgates in 1917-18. What we found was that the players enjoyed playing the parts more than the whole. Now you can start in 1914 and continue to 1915-16 if time/desire permitted. You could start in 1915 instead of 1914 and play until the end. Reflecting now, it reminds me of how the scenarios work in the classic EastFront (awesome game).

Making the scenarios flow together better has been a product of recent development. We have shortened the game by 1 turn. The game is now 9-turns instead of 10. Recent work has focused on making the changing objectives work well together. In 1914, game objectives are different than in 1915-16 and change again in 1917-18. The Allies, for example, are driven by Plan XVII in 1914, are just trying take back what ground they can in 1915-16, and must drive the German army from France in 1917-18.

Development going forward will focus on polishing the solitaire scenario, and getting fresh eyes on the completed material. More as it happens…