Just back from a successful Strategicon with some photos to share.

Friday Aaron was at the table and ready to play before I was even set up. We set up quickly and began play with Aaron taking the Central Powers. Not long into the game, one of the guys I drove down from Bakersfield with comes over exclaims,”Hey, it’s Aaron!” Turns out AAron and I live in the same town. Score! You can never have too many local playtesters.

_dev Aaron 1

Not long into our game the German army went headlong into the BEF. Aaron’s rolls were ridiculous. So good that he took a picture. So good that someone else came across the room to look and also took a picture. Yikes.

_dev dice photo

_dev Aaron

After turn one, Steve Carey and Mark Kaczmarek came over to take over the Allies. If you attend Strategicon, you’ll recognize Mark as the man behind the GMT booth. A quick overview and Steve and Mark shared duties with Steve moving blocks while Mark manged the air and artillery assets.

_dev Map darker

_dev photo 1

Embolden by his early success against the BEF, Aaron played a defensive strategy in the Alsace/Lorraine stopping his blocks near Strasbourg. This gave the French Mulhouse and Colmar while allowing him a stronger wheeling move towards Paris. Steven and Mark took the easy Plan XVII objectives while moving much of their force in front of the German steamroller.

I wish I’d taken more notes/photos of their game. All 3 had other events (or the booth) to tend to so the game wasn’t quite completed. Feedback was very positive with emphasis on the “accessibility” of the game and “elegance” of the economic system. Steve said he was concerned from afar that all the charts on the economic board and map might lead to convoluted sub systems but was surprised by how well they worked together.

Sunday Nick and Fred played a pick up game. I wasn’t at the table for most of it so I can’t offer commentary. Nick posted his thoughts here:


_dev Sun photo 1