I attended GMT West on Friday fully expecting to sit and teach Fields of Despair the entire day. What a thrill it was to arrive and see two new players already immersed in a game, not being by taught by Mike (developer), but rather by Tim Kelly. Tim had just played for the first time on Thursday and now he’s willing to sit and teach. Wow.

I decided to learn some new games, Down in Flames and Conquest of Paradise, and just check in on FoD and answer questions as needed. It was an awesome day!

Here are a few photos from Friday. The introductory scenario is being played.

Early Friday
GMT West Friday 4-25-14 a

First French Move of Turn 2. Looks like he’s decided he can’t hold his gains in Germany and it’s time to back up and play defense.

GMT West Friday 4-25-14 b

These last 3 are end game positions. I straightened up the pieces a bit as I am know to do while playing (just a habit). It gives you a clearer idea of the end the scenario. I don’t recall the exact score but the players said they were tied.

GMT West Friday 4-25-14 c

GMT West Friday 4-25-14 d

Central Powers point of view.

GMT West Friday 4-25-14 Central View 2