My posting activity here has been slow of late. Apologies to those who have recently begun to follow the development of Fields of Despair here. Since hitting GMT’s P500 things have gotten a little crazy.

We hit P500 on January 20 and since then I have done something game related every day. The response to our call for play testers was far better than I had expected. Fresh eyes bring a new round of questions. Stuff you think is looking pretty good like the rules, set up sheets, play test components aren’t so hot. So as you can imagine, I’ve spent a lot of time with rules edits, making play test components (nice ones), and totally re-inventing my set up sheets.

Then there’s that vassal mod. She’s like that old car that you drive because a) it runs and b) you love her despite her flaws. I think I need a post just dedicated to the enormous task of updating and cleaning that thing up. So I’ll just be brief and a bit embarrassed to say, I believe I have put over 20 hours into updating her.

Edits, repairs and updates aside, I play a little every day. I steal whatever time I can from my day and use vassal which is extremely efficient for testing. If questions pop up on or I try to answer them right away. The blog is also set up for posts so feel free to ask questions here.

All the best,