I printed and assembled the latest map this week. There are still a lot of counters to be made but I wanted to get in some testing before the weekend got busy.

Here’s the situation after turn 1


The BEF held in Maubeuge. The fortress there is down to one and the British have 2 total steps remaining. On the far right you can see the French are aggressive. I can’t help myself. It’s a little reckless but once the BEF held I felt like I had a chance to cause havoc.

It’s a solo test but I think the French move would really get inside the head of a less aggressive German player. It’s 1914. Germany must push. What would you do?

What you can’t see is that economically, the Germans have invested in logistic points. One use of these points is to rail a limited number of steps forward to the front ahead of the normal game phase. The French attack would hopefully divert the move south.

Reflecting on the situation facing both sides, I do have the fear that first time players may become unnerved by the tough choices. Either side could come away feeling like the game was un-winnable. Either side. I do think that’s a good thing. However, if players play their power historically, with Germans aggressive and the French defensive after and initial attack into Alsace, the results tend to be historical.