Here is a the play test map I’ve been using for some time. It’s functional but an odd size at 20×30. Costco prints 20×30 for about $9/map. You can’t beat it.

SP New Map with forts set up

Recent feedback suggested I give a go at cleaning the map up. I’ve also sized it to the traditional 22×34.

Map Tile attempt darker brown

It’s hard to tell from the image above but the map is actually larger which means the hexes have a little more space. I’ve also dramatically toned down the fort symbols in a hex and have colored the campaign objectives red. Though I notice now Luxembourg is red and should not be.

To get a real feel for the differences you need to click on the map images.

The new map has some useful space to the right on which to place the turn and scoring tracks as well as the naval war. With some work, the Eastern Front tables may also fit. All that will come later.