This weekend I’ve been solo play testing an alternate history scenario. It’s 1914 with a free player set up.

At set up I was able to closely mirror the look of the historical set up while concentrating the Germans in the South. I think for players it will be pretty easy for paranoia to creep in at set up. With the historical game you know what your getting turn one. Free set up all bets are off.

I set the French up historically which is a pretty good defense.

In the photo below you can see Germany respected Belgian neutrality and attacked directly into Eastern France. As a result Belgium stays neutrality which in turn reduces the urgency England feels to help the French.

The photo is 3 action phases in. In Germany Mulhausen fell and was promptly renamed Mulhouse but is about to be renamed again. In France, the fortified city of Nancy fell thanks in part to German siege artillery.