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I unearthed some of the original playtest photos. Here they are

The Western Front 1914

The Western Front 1914

I used dice with the face up total what would otherwise be represented with blocks. It is a quick, easy way to test movement, combat systems and balance when testing solo. Grey chips are German control markers.


Paris looks like it will hold no problem. Too easy in fact. I’ve fixed that. 🙂


The Huns ran around the coast like they were on vacation. Another problem since fixed.


Here the French (red chips) pressed in behind Metz. This is still very viable if the Germans press everything through Belgium.


The French center is weak. That happens when everything is moved to stop the German spearhead. You can’t be strong everywhere.


I know this photo is old because my wife and I are sharing the table. I have since conquered her half. It’s mine! All mine!