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First, a HUGE thank you to the many war gamers who have taken the time to read and critique the rule book and playbook. I began this week pouring over all of your notes as a whole and making edits to the books. I have also re-written the introduction.

The toughest part of the design to date has been penning a rule set that is easy to read, clear and concise. Someone having never played should ideally be able to pick the game up and play without the frustration of having to search for rules that aren’t where you’d expect them or arguing over the rule’s intention. This, my friends, is a tall order.

Don’t laugh, but I actually thought I did this with my first draft. Yep. I know. My first rules reviewer was Keith Mageau. His word edits felt longer than the rules which were only about 6 pages at the time. Keith’s sharp eye was really what I needed to push me to the next level.

So now I press on about 10 overhauls later. Immediately ahead, a glossary of terms and all of the “what if’s” that go with the non-historical set ups. If Germany never invades Belgium, how does that affect British entry etc.

My goal is to have this all finished in the next couple of weeks. Wish me luck.