Some photos from a recent playtest of the 1917-18 scenario playtest with Mark. I most certainly would have been sacked for my failure to push the Hun from France.

dev IMG_2311

Already pointing to a certain failure as I press into the teeth of the Hindenburg Line.

dev IMG_2312

Aaand now he laughs at my attacks in Flanders and near Soissons. I did make gains but they were erased when his eastern front troops arrived.

dev IMG_2316

My initial blunder of not advancing in the opening move of 1917 when I had intiative cost me the entire scenario. It pushed me back a hex which was terribly hard to regain. I had to use armor, albeit sparingly, to regain ground lost.

dev IMG_2321

This photo was taken mid 1918. Historically, one of two things would happen here. Either the war presses on into 1919 or the Germans negaotiate peace from a stronger position. In game terms, this is a Central Powers win.

Note that the Hindenburg Line was contested but unbroken. You may also note small number of American blocks. They took the brunt of the casualties.

To the right the map is empty save two blocks face up. For the playtest, this area was out of play.