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With the French counter attack unsuccessful the drive continues. Below you can see the overall situation. As the Central Powers, I would normally attempt to retake Mulhouse (lower left). Antwerp is under siege but even in this test I can’t ignore it. The fortress artillery rating is down to one but it still has the potential slowly eat away at the token force I have sitting there. The strategic movement phase is coming as well. The British could chose to ignore the French pleas to defend Paris and move to Antwerp. If they break though, I’m in trouble.

IMG_2236 overall situation facing the CP Overall Situation

The Front - A Closeup

The Front: A Closeup

In this play test I have the luxury of concentrating my air power at the spearhead.
IMG_2238 CP Air Recon

IMG_2239 French blocks revealed

The French army I revealed is relatively weak. For the purposes of this test I assume two experienced players would have a general idea of the starting force pools and reinforcements are common knowledge as well. Considering that the bulk of the French army begins in the south (this is a historical set up), I know that to press forward I must keep a solid line behind me.

The end of the German push is below. I made the line as wide and solid as I could while sticking to the premise of a solid push straight at Paris. What will the French do?
IMG_2241 german push to Paris