The Central Powers turn one move is illustrated below
IMG_2213 after first CP Move b4 combat

This is what I decided to try as numbered above.

1. Antwerp must be contested or else the British will begin to land there. I decided to send a minimal attack figuring I could score 1-2 hits per action phase and over time take it with as few resources as possible.

2. In the middle of my line I decided not to engage the BEF or the fort in Maubeugen. Thus the easiest line to defend is the straight one I formed here. I am weak but not too weak (I think) and have a logistics point that I could use to reinforce if needed.

3. The main thrust of my attack is here. My goal is to clear the hex and breakout into Rheims. That will put me 3 hexes from Paris.

4. The Mobile War scenario rewards the Allied player for obtaining the objectives of Plan XVII. One objective is the control of hexes in southeast Belgium including the Ardennes forest and Luxemburg. Taking Paris accomplishes little if the French are also allowed to complete their objectives which, by the way, would leave the door to Germany wide open. I know the blocks around Verdun are strong so the 2 hexes touching the #4 have a a block with 6-8 combat value (CV) each. This is the area of the map that I have taken risks with before and been burned. One game the French play broke it wide open with cavalry getting as far as
Colonge before I was able to clean up my mess.

5. Blocks that began the game in this area have been advanced forward. In the bottom right you can see blocks moving to reinforce the area. My forts are not well defended but for a turn I believe they can take care of themselves.

IMG_2214 dev small

I throw all of my artillery into the main attack leaving the force in Antwerp to fend for itself. The Allies respond in kind. The result is a clearing of the hex but not without loss.

IMG_2217 dev

1. The blocks laying face up are now illegible for a breakout move. The arrows illustrate my options. With cavalry units I can advance 2 hexes, infantry 1. The artillery cannot keep up thus any combat as a result of a breakout will be fought without artillery support.

I could move to cut off the British and in a normal game, I may. However for this test I need to keep as much strength consolidated as possible. My breakout will be used to get Rheims while the fortified city is undefended and establish a flank.

2. Antwerp is turning into a meat grinder. The Belgian artillery and field units score hits. The mighty German army wiffs.

IMG_2218 dev

The Allies perspective after the German breakout. It looks bleak with a majority of the French army in the south near Alsace (out of the frame to the right). The 3rd and 4th armies near Verdun and the newly mobilized units in Paris are going to have their hands full.