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The notion has arisen over the past several months of play test that one extreme strategy for the Central Powers may be to ignore the naval war and the Eastern Front pouring all resources into artillery. Forgoing air power, all technology and providing for supply on a narrow front, the Central player would drive directly at Paris avoiding as many obstacles as possible. It is an all or nothing strategy that must addressed.

My fear with any game is that the play testers who love history would take a historical path without a gamble at the unknown. It’s our job to root out any unbeatable strategies or other elements that may leave the game broken.

The Central Powers opening move is below. The result is the capture of Liege then breakout to Namur which was also taken.

IMG_2202 opening move

Some notes in case you are unfamiliar with the game…The chits with the numbers (4,3 & 1 pictured) represent forts or fortified cities. They fire the number of dice indicated during every artillery phase and give the attacker -1 to all dice rolled in combat both artillery and infantry/cavalry. The flags (French for all Allies) represent the line of control for that power which advances or recedes as its army does. Every hex behind a line of control is controlled by that power. This way you don’t have to clutter the map with control markers.

I drew a line to illustrate the shortest route to Paris which is just to the West of Verdun and right through the French 5th army. I could plow forward in that direction but I have both the BEF near Mons and the remains of the Belgian army in Antwerp to deal with. I have to deicide what to do about both of these problems. It feels good know players will have several options at this point. Though I know if I leave the Belgians alone the British can land there causing a real headache so that’s really not much of an option.

Turn 1 begins.
The naval war was kind to me taking away only 1 Economic Point (EP). As advertised I spend all of my economic points on artillery.

IMG_2203 arty small

More to come…