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Been awhile since I’ve added updates from my vassal test drive with Bill.  This move follows this post:


The Hun left Maubeuge under siege and continued deeper into France.  On the Allied turn the French attacked and discovered only a small force was left behind.  The French cleared the Germans from the hex and use break out movement to spread out.  I’m hoping it will scare Bill into turning around before pressing on.  The mobile of 1914 only lasts 3 turns (6 action phases).  If I can stall his advance at all, he won’t have a shot at Paris.

T2 A1 end Allies move

I also stretched a weak defensive line in front is army heading towards Paris, and attacked with the British in Ypres.  The Allies have some real problems.  The channel ports are weak, the British and French can easily be cut off from each other before the strategic reorganization phase and Paris is empty.  At least the men who retook Mulhouse are essentially getting a holiday as the Germans have opted for a defensive strategy in the south.