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A reader asked me to summarize the game.  Here is attempt #1

The Schlieffen Plan is a 2-3 player strategic scale block wargame set on the Western Front of the First World War 1914-18.  Players take control of the Central Powers pushing for a quick victory during the mobile war of 1914 while holding off Russia in the East  or the Allies who must find a way to hold Paris, the Frontier Forts and keep the channel ports open.  If the Allies succeed in 1914, the game turns into the trench warfare synonymous with the war. What happens next is up to you.

Players research technologies, manage a streamlined economy, the war at sea, Eastern Front and assets of war including artillery and aerial units.  Unique elements of combat, fog of war, supply, and strategic movement make game play original while simulating warfare of the time.

The Schlieffen Plan is playable as a full war campaign (8-10 hours) or as individual smaller scenarios (3-4 hours).  The rule set is straight forward without rules to force a historical outcome.  You don’t want to invade through Belgium?  By all means throw everything you have at the Frontier. You want to try to crush Britain  with unrestricted submarine warfare early in the war?  Go for it, but you risk the USA arriving sooner.  And so on…