These photos were taken about 1am, maybe closer to 2am on Monday of the February 2012 Strategicon.   I had talked over the ideas and concepts behind the game with Vic in September 2011.  This is the first time he sat down for a play test.

Planning his march into Belgium.  Do you split your force and try to hit Liege and Namur at the same time or try to crush Liege and breakout into Namur?  If you hit them both and get lucky, you are through Beligum before the BEF can react.  If you fail you are stuck and you could find yourself fighting the French 5th army before you are ready.

Below you can see the Germans turning towards Paris.  In the original draft of the rules, the Central Powers capture of Paris was an instant victory.  That has since changed as all early games became a single strategy for the Central Powers.  Now the French capitol is 3VP which is 3 times the points for other objectives.  Paris is still a tempting target but there are other ways to win such as shutting down the channel ports or capturing Verdun.  None are instant victories nor can one alone guarantee a long term victory when playing the campaign.