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A recent request for a summary set me typing.  I tried twice but kept find myself rambling beyond anything that could be considered summation.  I have given up for now so instead here is a look at the current order of play.  A couple glossary notes, MPV stands for Man Power Value.  It’s a term I’m using for steps of a block.  EP stands for Economic Points which are spent on assets and technology during production.

Sequence of Play
1. Advance the USA
2. Resolve the Eastern Front
3. Production (simultaneous)
• Econ Maintenance (3.1)
• Place new MPV in capitol (3.2)
• Collect EP per set up card (3.3)
• Naval Warfare (3.4)
• Allocate remaining EP (3.5)
• Reveal Initiative Bid (3.6)
• Allocate Supply and place OOS markers (3.7)

4. Action Phase 1 (Player with Initiative completes a-d, then the 2nd player completes a-d before moving to step 5)

a. Aerial Reconnaissance (4.1)
b. Move blocks (4.2)
c. Resolve combat (4.3)
• Artillery Fire
• Option to End
• Infantry and Cavalry combat
d. Breakout Movement (4.4)

5. Move all Air and Artillery chits to Available

6. Action Phase 2 (Repeat steps 4 and 5)

7. Strategic Reorganization (Simultaneous)
• Adjust MPV along the front. (Optional) (5.0)
• Player with initiative may make any final adjustments once his opponent declares he is finished.

8. Score
• Players score VP’s for each map location they hold containing a VP marker.
• Shared hexes are scored by the player who most recently held it alone.