Off map in the south, the citizens of Mulhouse rejoice as their French liberators sit comfortably. Bill has decided to let Mulhouse go in favor of a stronger push in the northwest. Neglected in the first update was the epic fail of Bills rolls against the fortress in Maubeugen. By the end of this turn the fort has FINALLY been reduced to rubble but the stubborn British resistance remains (I circled it in the photo). Leaving the Brits engaged, the Germans press on into what is now open country north of Paris.

The channel ports also have company calling. The center saw no action which means he either decided Verdun was too tough, shifted his power around Maubeugen or is building up.

As the Allies I have been left with several options. I can press my attack in Alsace up to Strasbourg, counter attack into Belgium towards the Ardennes Forest, set defensible lines across the entire front or attack with the British in the north to slow the advance on the ports.

Decisions, decisions…