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I spent my time at Strategicon running demos and play testing the 1914 Mobile War scenario.  On Sunday, The War Game Bootcamp was kind enough to save me some prime table space. My head was spinning and my stomach full of nerves as I set up.

My spot was on right on the edge of a main thoroughfare. I was honestly surprised by how many people stopped to take a look. I owe debt of gratitude to my early playtesters who insisted I add color to the map. The prototype was mistaken for a finished product by most. I certainly would have had fewer sit and play without the color map and PnP Productions chits etc.

Of note, Joshua Gottesman of Victory Point Games sat with the intention of just listening to the overview but stayed and played through a few turns. He quite complimentary of the game. I wish I had written it down but I wanted to enjoy the conversation, critique.

I ran demos from about 11am to 7pm and came away with a lot of feedback and a couple of new playtest, rules review volunteers. Thanks again to anyone who stopped by.