This was the end result of the game for which I did the play by play. I was not a participant but I spent a lot of time pouring over the end result. Note the large amount of German flags in the West. This is due to the large sweep and near encirclement of Paris. Also you may see the German army where the Belfort fort once stood. Hard to believe this was a narrow FRENCH victory. Had the game continued, it seems certain Germany would have won the war. This seems to be common outcome because the French player, if playing only the scenario is far more aggressive. If the campaign were played he is far more defensive. It makes for a nice change of pace but at the same time makes it hard to string the scenarios together.

This game had a different result. Played to the near end when the Germans achieved a breakout in multiple places along the front at once. Too many holes for the French to plug and still hold Paris. We stopped short of the final action phase agreeing that Germany would hold the spots needed for a 2 point (marginal/operational) victory.