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I took some photographs as I completed a parts inventory.  The inventory was much needed as I have created, changed, recreated, changed again, many components along the way.  I began using Print and Play productions about 6 months ago and have received several orders.

It was time I figured out exactly what I had so I knew how many more games I could assemble before I was out of components.

Chits – Air Recon, Artillery and Tanks.  All from Print and Play (very nice)

The blocks – 1/2 inch GMT size. To make one set it takes 50 blue, 50 grey and 40 brown. After the inventory I realized I could only make one more playtest set. I have 2 friends who would like sets and I need to be able to make one should a publisher request one. Blocks are the one component that is truly limited. I have an order in but am told, that’s it, they’re out. tough choices to be made…