This month was insane and I am exhausted.

On the playtest front, several games were played resulting in rules changes to scoring, the use of forts and supply.  Also the occasional debate erupted as we try to discern between balance vs game play.  For example, when the French army goes running freely into Belgium, the problem is I left my line too thin, not that the German army needs more men. Or if the Schlieffen Plan feels impossible to carry out, perhaps it’s because I overreacted to the French attack on Mulhouse (I see this a lot with first time players).

Components underwent a complete inventory.  New sets arrived from Print and Play Productions (thank you Andrew) and a larger set was made using Columbia’s Victory blocks. Small maps (20×25) went out to the blind playtesters as we work on ways to make the game more accessible to average kitchen table.  And finally, I made two more complete sets from scratch and completely updated Tim’s set.

As fortune would have it, I’ve also added 3 more rules reviewers.  Two from BGG and another volunteered after giving it a play recently.  I am very lucky to have people willing to give their time to my obsession.