November 2011

Eye opening.

A couple months into the design I reached the point where I had to decide if I was going to go all in and make the financial commitment.  At a minimum I need to make myself a nice play test set.  So what does that cost.  Let’s see…

Map $18 (2 20×30 posters from Costco)

Blocks $14 – $28 (10 to 20 cents each depending on size and where I can find them)

Rules, player mats, block labels, control markers, air and artillery chits: $??? (cost of ink and labor). Lets add $5 just to be safe.

Initial estimate $37 – $51 per game.  Yikes.

I knew going all in would mean even more if the design survived my initial play testing.  Let’s say all goes well and I think I have a gem on my hands.  Then the need for multiple sets arises.  So (hypothetical in November of 2011), I was planning for 4-5 play test copies to be sent to play test groups and another 2-3 to be sent to game companies likely to make such a game.

8 sets would run $296 – $408.  Those numbers do not account for errors, changes and re-prints along the way.

I pushed my chips in as it were and decided to go for it.