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The original play test map was composed of 2 20×30 posters placed side by side for a complete map of 30×40.  I went with the large map because so much was unknown at the time least of which was the block size I would be using.

Recently, I spoke with someone in the industry and one of his first questions was, “can the game fit 22×34?”  That prompted me to print a smaller map to find out.

I give you the new map size

The playable area on the small map is 20×26. The black edge you see is from another map inside the same toploader. I’ve used this map now for about 4 playtests and am quite enjoying it. I always knew the original 30×40 was too large but I had no idea I could shrink it this much and still have it work

Cut into quarters, the map now fits into flat rate USPS boxes. This is advantageous as more playtesters come on board. The obvious downside is that once GMT runs out of odd .5″ blocks to sell me, I can’t make play test copies. Most companies use larger blocks closer to 1″.