From the beginning I have set out to design a game following these self imposed guides.

1.  Simplicity – I want to keep the rules under 10 pages simple and easy to read.  Try to have as few “exception” rules as possible.  Perhaps none.

2. Fun over Simulation – My goal is to create a gateway game not a 3 day simulation.  Obviously I want a player to feel like they are playing a WWI game not a game system with a WWI theme slapped on.  However, when designing any game play aspect, the first question must always be, “Is this fun?”

3. Speed and Ease of Play – Emphasis on the speed and ease of play means that any rule added must really be needed.  The goal of playtest will be to remove as many layers of rules as possible to have a solid core.  If needed I can go back and add “Advanced Rules.”  This game must be playable in an afternoon.

4.  Original Elements – The game must have something original.  Obviously many aspects will not be new (the use of hexes, blocks for fog of war, dice for combat, etc).  However, if the entire game is a re-tread then what have I really done?

5. Historical Accuracy – To the maximum extent that a gateway game can, this game should reflect historical accuracies of the Western Front.  This means lots of research to get the numbers right.  Also incorporating the war at sea and Eastern front.