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October 2011

Okay, after a month an a half of research (which I am really enjoying BTW) and solo tests with minimalist parts.  I think the basics of  this game will work.

The set up, is derived from the 1914 Orders of Battle or ORBATs.  See www.orbat.com for the source documents.  The beginning feels nice with a slight unbalance in the favor of the Central Powers which it needs to have.  There should be some panic on the part of the Allied player early but not so much so that Plan XVII is completely out of the question.

For movement I experimented with 1 hex for infantry and 2 hexes for cavalry then tried 2 for infantry and 3 for cavalry.  In order to simulate the rapid movement of the war’s opening months I have decided that the higher rate of movement works best.  If I slow the movement, I also slow the clock or timetable.  I don’t want a two day game.  I want something that will actually see the table.  Besides I already have enough 2 day games.

Combat is simple.  I like throwing dice.  It’s fun for me.  Traditional dice chucking at this point.  One die per pip with hits on 5 and 6.  I want LOTS of hits.  This was a bloody bloody war.  Lots of hits with lots of poor souls to replace them.


I’m feeling encouraged at this stage.  I’ve been this far with designs and had to abandon.  Going forward feels good.