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Late August  – Early September 2011

The Strategicon gaming convention only a few weeks away.  I think I can have a prototype ready by then for my war gaming friends to try.  Inspiration to solid, playable form in a couple of weeks. No problem.

Aaaaand, then I wake up.

Hey, really thought I could do it.  Every spare moment spent jotting ideas in a notebook.  Waking up in the middle of the night with A-HA! moments.  Sprinting to start the marathon.

I did manage to get a printed map to the con.  Talked a length to my wargame group about my ideas.  They seemed somewhat interested or maybe they were just humoring me.  Wargamers can be hard to read and they are a highly skeptical bunch.  I do know that they will be kind enough to try it should I ever get this to playable form.

One gent in particular will be the litmus test.  He HATES world war one games.