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August 2011

Settled on theme, now the real work begins.  I am reading everything about World War One I can get my hands on.  I have decided to put the ORBATs into spreadsheets in order to get a historical set up.  I have background in accounting so the spreadsheet is a natural organization tool.

For initial play tests I am going to use dice in place of blocks (instead of a 4 pip block picture a die with the 4 face up).  No sense in taking the days/weeks to make the blocks until I have a feel for movement and combat.

My concern at this point is that history may set up one way, but game play may dictate another.  It’s the same hurdle most historical wargame designers face if they seek balance (admittedly some could care less about balance and are only concerned with simulation).  WWII 1940 comes to mind immediately when game squaring off the French and Germans.  How do you account for superior German tactics?