Early August 2011

I like games with a solid fog of war aspect, play a lot of block wargames.

Most games it’s easy to estimate opponent strength just by counting the blocks.  In fact most games, the fog of war aspect is reduced greatly after only a few turns.  Movement restrictions combined with block strengths that only go to 3 or 4.

I have ideas.  Ideas to improve fog of war that began a simple visualization.  Each side a line of blocks neither side really knowing what was across from the other.  Values should be able to change freely (within limits) with ranges beyond 1-4.  What if one block went 1-4 but then another may go 5-8?  One block could go as high as 20.  There should also be a value of zero which represents efforts of deception.

A line of blocks.  Large values or large quantities of manpower.  Constant movement along the line building up in spots and trying to exploit weaknesses across from you.  It took about a half second to realize I had the basis for a World War One Era block wargame.

What to do next..