Episode 104 — I Landed on the Dog

A podcast about board games, whisky and music. A first impression of Fields @ 58:20

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Interview with Kurt Lewis Keckley Designer of Fields of Despair France 1914-1918 by GMT Games

This is a game that has been highly anticipated over the past year or so and once the P500 shipping date drew near, and the more that I read about the game, I must say that I definitely had overloo…

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Fields of Despair France 1914-1918 – Action Point 1

An on-going game is being played out @ Theplayersaid.com

The Players' Aid

Today we were able to play our first game of Fields of Despair France 1914-1918 by GMT Games. This block Wargame covers the conflict known as The Great War or World War I and concentrates on the battle on the Western Front. The Eastern Front and the War at Sea are abstracted but are very well done and enjoyable.

In our game, I was playing as the mighty Central Powers and with my opening move took the fight to the Allies who were dug in behind a fortified line of fortresses. I set my sights on Conflans and Verdun.

This battle would be indecisive in its opening round mainly due to the fact that the fortresses require the attacker to roll a 6 on a six-sided die in order to score a hit. The battles in Fields of Despair are very attritional and will usually take several well planned out…

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Heavy Cardboard Episode 54 – Essen Preview

Eric and Jim from Punching Cardboard join Edward and Amanda for this special combined episode! We talk a TON of upcoming Essen releases, and highlight those that are high on our want lists! Be sure…

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Jump to the 1:32:40 mark to hear Fields of Despair “cheat” its way onto the Essen Preview of most anticipated games. 🙂

Getting Closer!

Development is rolling on at a fast pace.  I’m excited to have the extended examples of play in the hands of proofreaders.  You’re going to find them concise and easy to understand.  It won’t be long before GMT works their layout magic and we’re proofing the final Playbook!

Here’s a peak of my draft (not GMT Final work).

Today I am proofing the solitaire game with it’s own set of rules and guides.  This is an aspect of the game that is very unique.  An AI that plays a block game against you is uncharted territory.  I’m excited to get this in the hands solitaire wargamers and let them see just how hard it is to push the German Army from France!

That’s all for now.  Back to proofreading!